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  • VIS TransStroy LLC


“VIS TransStroy” Limited Liability Company

VISTransStroyLLC was established on April3, 2014. The company joined VISCG on December5, 2014.The headquarters is located in Moscow.
Registered and postal address:
56 Profsoyuznaya street, Moscow 117393, Russia Tel.: +7 (495) 789-85-55

Main activities:
• full range of construction works, including road and transport construction works;
equipment installation;
commissioning and other works.

Key projects
In December 2015, the company won the tender of the Department of Economics of Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District for construction of a private railway line (Bovanenkovo–Sabetta). This is a public-private partnership project.

The company is obliged to perform engineering and construction works under the project within 36months till the end of 2019. The company may raise borrowed funds for the purposes of the project. The rail line will be over 170km in length. The traffic capacity of line will reach 7mlntonnes after 5years and 14mlntonnes after 10years in use.

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