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“VIS SERVICE” Limited Liability Company

VISServiceLLC was established on December29, 2012. The company joined VISCG on December3, 2013.The headquarters is located in St. Petersburg. The number of employees is116.
Registered and postal address:
10b Chernyakhovskogo st., bldg.1-N, St. Petersburg 191119, Russia Tel.: +7 (812) 325-30-60

Main activities:
• general construction works;
service and support at the construction sites of VISCG.

Equipment inventory
Hostel and dining facility in Novy Urengoy for the construction workers at Novy Urengoy Gas and Chemical Complex.

Key projects
VISSERVICELLC is engaged in the construction of Tundrovy microdistrict in Novy Urengoy (Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District). This construction project will provide for 1400apartments. The total residential area is 116,047m2. In 2015, the company commissioned two five-storey blocks. Four nine-storey blocks are currently under construction.

Key financial and economic indicators

In 2014, revenue of VIS SERVICELLC increased to 109.82 mln rubles.In 2015, the revenue of the company increased to 669,48 mln rubles, EBITDA amounted to 7,39 mln rubles, net profit – 1,75 mln rubles.

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