Companies of the Group

  • "VIS Infrastructure" LLC


“VIS Infrastructure” Limited Liability Company

VISInfrastructureLLC was established and joined VISCG on April25, 2014.The headquarters is located in Gatchina. The number of employees is19.

Registered and postal address:
22Seventh Army Street, bldg.21 Gatchina 188300, Gatchina District, Leningrad Region, Russia

Main activities:
• social, transport and communal infrastructure facilities construction projects;
full range of construction works: engineering and construction, installation, commissioning, finishing and etc.

Key projects
In December 2014, the company won the open tender for design, construction, equipping and maintenance of Surgut clinical perinatal center. This is a public-private partnership project. It is assumed that at the time of its commissioning in2018, the center will be the largest in Russia. This new perinatal center will provide comprehensive services in child-bearing support, advanced treatment and prevention of intrauterine diseases, neonatal surgery. The total building area is more than 60 000 sq. m. Three main blocks will welcome 165people every day. The center designed to maintain 10,000deliveries per year.

Key financial and economic indicators
In 2015, VIS Infrastructure revenue amounted to 11,11 mln rubles, net profit – 3,39 mln rubles.

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