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  • "Regional Concession Company" LLC


“Regional Concession Company” Limited Liability Company

Limited Liability Company Regional Concession Company was founded on February 17, 2016. Since February 20, 2016 is a part of VIS Construction Group.The headquarters is located in Moscow.
Registered and postal address:
Novocheremushkinskaya 63, Moscow, Russia

Main activities:
RCC is a specialized company engaged in the implementation of public-private partnership projects on the basis of concession agreements.

In December 2016,Khabarovsk Krai Government and Regional Concession Company signed concession agreement on construction and operation of "Khabarovsk Bypass" toll road.

It is the first project of public-private partnerships in the transport sector in the Far East and the largest one in the Khabarovsk region. Its implementation will provide opportunities for the development of transport infrastructure required for the intensive development of the Far East region. The road is of strategic importance, linking together three federal highways: "Ussuri" A-370, "Amur" P-297, and "East" A-375. Future development of the project will provide access to the highway network of China. The toll road is also intended to relieve the city center from transit traffic.

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